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Malawi Central bank to issue new blind friendly bank notes

By Amalawi - Tue Jul 10, 11:34 am

By Simon Mponela,

MALAWI, LILONGWE: The central bank of Malawi of Malawi has announced through its spokes person Mr Ralph Tseka that it will issue new bank notes which will be blind friendly. The announcement was made after a long meeting between the central bank and the Malawi union for the blind.

Malawi union of the blind director Mr Ezikiel Kumwenda has welcomed the bank’s announcement. “This is welcome news for the blind people of Malawi, recently they have struggled and are still struggling so this is good news indeed.” He thanked the bank for taking their complaints into consideration.

Malawi Kwacha

Malawi Kwacha

The Central Bank was insensitive to the visually impaired people as it printed the bank notes without proper consultation with Malawi Union of the Blind.

The central bank has taken into account the complaint launched by the Malawi Union of the Blind. The union had complained to the Central Bank that it did not consult them fully before introducing the new banknotes which are all of the same size but with different money value.
One of the required features are dots on the bank notes. Kumwenda said the banknotes have the dots but are too small.

Central Bank spokesperson Ralph Tseka confirmed did not announce the exact for the new notes.

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  1. Good for the blind people of Malawi!!

    Even better to read that reserv bank listened.. I guess that big boss…what ever his name is was not involved..

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