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Malawi – Umunthu

By Analytical Rose - Sat Jul 07, 9:09 am

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By Rose
Have you ever thought what you would be if you did not have other people around you? what would life really be like without other people. I will tell you why I am asking the question.

If you are a President you need to be elected. If you are a teacher you need students. If you are a Dr you need patients. If you have a shop you need customers.

Umunthu in Malawi

Umunthu in Malawi

Do you get my drift? what this means to me is that you really are what you are because of other people. In that one can read the fact that you get where you are going partlly because of other people.

Fundamenetally therefore we all need each other in all sorts of very complicated ways. What seems to be escaping us all is that we would harness this mutual need for co-existence by appreciating each other . Not killing each other or stealing from each other or traumatising each other but making possible that we all achive our potential.

Violence in our cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe is such a wastful phenomenon. The world should work towards preserevation and stop the degradadtion that is going on at present otherwise all our resoures will have been used in our little battles and there wil be no world anymore!

The Malawi government needs the support of the opposition in order to restire security.

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