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Malawi to repeal the education quota system

By Amalawi - Thu Jun 28, 8:34 am

By Amalawi:
BLANTYRE:The Malawi Ministry of Education has revealed that Joyce Banda’s government will review and repeal the controversial quota system introduced by DPP led government.

John Bisika the Principal Secretary for the ministry of education, told the local press that the Joyce Banda led government will review the university quota system. The quota system has been used to select students into the country’s university colleges based on their district of origin.

Malawi Education Quota system

Malawi Education Quota system

Bisika said once the issues has been reviewed it will be sent to Parliament for approval, the august House will aim to endorse the reviewed copy, soon after the review the quota system will be abolished.

DPP led government headed by former President late Bingu wa Mutharika between 2009-2010 introduced the university quota system on arguments that the normal system was only favouring a section and not the whole nation.

The quota system issue was one of the main points raised during the 2011 controversial demonstrations and this year’s petition the civil society activists raised to Mutharika before his death.

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  1. Chris, I agree with you. Thw issue is too fold and very straight forward but the problem is that they bring politics into it. Malwi will benefit a great deal if people from all corners are educated and not just a select few. At the moment there is no equality just because we ave enough universities, colleges. To make things worse we read that the Government of Joyce banda has put aside the universities project started by Bingu. If this is true then we are heading the wrong way despite the forex coming into the country. Important project should have been left to run and not just dumped for teh sake of it.

    Lets hope our politicians are with us Malawians an not just their pockets.

  2. In my understanding, quota system is not bad on its own. It looks bad because in Malawi we do not have enough public universities to cater for all who qualify to study there. It was this reason that forced former president to introduce this system. He once said “Quota system is temporary. When we construct other universities we are going to abolish it.” This technically means with the current problem we have, this system is working better. In my view, president Joyce Banda could have left this issue and concentrate on construction of the additional universities we were promised by former regime or capacity building in the existing public universities. Until that is done, government will be free to abolish the quota system. Abolishing the system now will benefit us nothing but worsening the situation which is pinching us.

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