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Jealousy – “Nsanje”, Ignorance on Section 65

By Analytical Rose - Mon Jun 25, 8:08 am

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I have been reading with interest the developments around crossing the floor in Malawi parliament and section 65. The more I read postings the more I fear because it seems firstly chilungamo palibe (there is no truth), the current Malawi government knows very well that section 65 has been violated and yet they are using all sorts of annoying delaying tactics to stand in the way of execution of the section on those that it affects. To me this is time wasting and unfair.

Malawi Ignorance and Jealousy

Malawi Ignorance and Jealousy

Yes you may say DPP was the same when they were in power but my take is this is exactly what we as a people want stopped. Do not waste our meagre resources on selfishly based arguements that do not help the people. If a constiuency has elected amember of Malawi parliament, that member has no power to just abandon those people and join another party! simply because the voters did not send the MP with that mandate in the first place.

Secondly it feels me with sadness when I read people rejoicing that DPP are now struggling to get section 65 applied. Its your turn Malawi people seem to be saying!This is pure nsanje (jealousy)! again nobody should be happy because someone is suffering! we need to have a country where everybody feels proud to belong to no matter what their political affliation is. I am slowly getting disllusioned with PP. I honestly thought things are going to get better but I am sorry to say I feel we have more of the same under different camouflage.

I feel that PP are just holding back so that they get elected in 2014 but there is more crude politics on the way!

I would like to see a day when a political party in Malawi genuinely deals with Nsanje, Umbuli(Ignorance) and in turn the result will be that people will start to prosper. Malawians seem not to see that if you support and help your friend in some way or other you will benefit from that investiment at some point in your life. Please let’s wake up. Bingu wa Muntharika had good policies but anali gonthi (he was not a listener);  it seems the present regime is going to use immature tactics to win/keep their powerful positions which is sad for Malawi. For once politicians do what you do to get Malawianas including yourself and your relatives living a better life. Your selfish ways are short lived and dont help the country at all in the long run!

Time has come to practice realistic politics if we are going to get any respect from the rest of the world and if we are genuinely going to stop our poor people suffering. Get real, stop being selfish, politics is not a business it is a very responsible big job, a duty to the nation ! You PP keep saying this but you don’t actually seem to be doing what you say!

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