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Accidents: Minibus drivers to be blacklisted

By Amalawi - Tue Jun 12, 8:05 am

Minibus drivers who cause accidents will fail to get employment elsewhere after minibus operators resolved to creating a database blacklisting them. The discussions are ongoing but in reality the agreement has been reached.

Minibus in Blantyre

Minibus in Blantyre

The blacklisting of drivers will be part of a raft of measures being proposed by the operators to curb road carnage and to protect their business.

Some operators said they will soon approach the Government for legislation compelling all of them to register their drivers on the database. But the process will start immediately on a voluntary basis.

Some members of the association noted that drivers who are reckless easily get employment elsewhere after being fired because their records are not known.

“At the moment, there is no process of monitoring profiles of drivers and they move from one operator to another,” said Mr Kumbatira a minibus operator based in Chilomoni.

“We have noted that most accidents are caused by the same drivers and resolved as an association that we should keep a database for drivers. “The process of capturing the database would be voluntary, but we will be approaching the Government to compel all operators to do so.”

Mr Kumbatira said he will be pushing for a legal framework that compels all minibus operators to be involved in the process of regulation to ensure that they will comply with the rules.

What annoys the general public is that most of the accidents are due to human error, with drivers at fault. We should stop this and we believe this can be done via regulation as it is the case in South Africa.

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  1. This really would be a great development!

  2. For sure they should do this. between poly and Queens its always the same drivers. they blacklist them completely. 5 year ban would be great

  3. Yes finally it is happening. They should do the same in Lilongwe and not only in Blantyre. Owners should be made responsible. We salut you for this

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