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Lilongwe Landlords Irked at the Cancellation of AU Summit

By Amalawi - Sun Jun 10, 11:31 am

Landlords in the city of Lilongwe are not amused with the cancellation of the African Union Summit. Several Landlords had renovated their homes in the hope that they will be let out to delegates during the summit.

African Union

African Union

Lilongwe city council had encouraged landlords to renovated and redecorate their homes.
Landlords feel hard done by as they have invested a lot of money into houses which will now not be let. Some landlords in the city are looking to bring their concerns to Lilongwe city council.

One irked Landlord wondered whether this decision has been taken in the interest of ordinary Malawians or in the interest of Politicians.
The Malawi cabinet agreed not to host the African Union summit this July following AU’s insistence that Lilongwe must accept Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, Vice President Khumbo Kachali announced on Friday.

The Vice President said the cabinet arrived at the decision with the primary consideration of what is in the best interests of Malawians.

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  2. mistyped ‘renovated’. but enjoyable article. a bit short again

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