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Corruption Always Fights Back

By Amalawi - Sun Jun 10, 2:47 pm

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It is said that recognising a challenge, a problem, is the first step in dealing with it, in trying to solve it. Corruption always fights back against those fighting it. And when corruption fights back, it uses the same institutions being used to fight against it.

Corruption recruits those who are vulnerable in our law enforcement agencies, the Police, the Judiciary and other integrity institutions including the church. It recruits people in all these institutions to help defend it and attack those fighting it.

Judicial institutions are very key to fighting corruption. Without a positive attitude and support from those running our judicial system, fighting corruption becomes an impossible task. And the corrupt know this.

For this reason, they target and attempt to recruit law enforcement officers, judges and other judicial officers, pastors, reverends, priests and other religious leaders. And not all judicial officers are good and upright people, just as much as not all of them are bad and corrupt people.

Today we have police officers and other law enforcements agents who are working with criminals, with corrupt elements; we have police officers and other law enforcement officers who have been corrupted.

We also have judges who are in league with criminals, with the corrupt. In a word, just as much as we have good law enforcement officers and judges serving the people heart and soul, we also have law enforcement officers and judges in the service of corruption and the corrupt heart and soul.

We also have politicians who are serving the interests of the people heart and soul just as much as we have some in the service of corruption. We have clergymen who are also serving the interests of corruption just as much as we have clergymen who are totally and honestly dedicated to serving the interests of the people and of their Creator.

Corruption always finds some people, from all walks of life, to defend it and speak for it. Corrupt elements are very shrewd people. They know how to manipulate institutions and vulnerable individuals. They can even make very decent people serve their interests. Not everyone who is on the side of the corrupt is necessarily corrupt.

There are some decent people who have been misled, deceived and who have been manipulated to defend what is wrong, what is corrupt. Some politicians, for political expedience, have been made to side with the corrupt.
We have seen this today repeating itself in so many ways. The corrupt and the crooked are defending their corruption and theft in a very aggressive way. They have mobilised the weak and vulnerable and have turned them against those attempting to fight them.

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