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Someone is Drinking Petrol Again

By Amalawi - Wed Jun 06, 7:04 am

What a coincidence,two days after Madame Calista has been freed (kusudzulidwa) by the late Bingu family the fuel queues are back. It does does not rain but indeed pours on poor Malawians. Our colonial masters have poured in forex, we are now a gay nation, Mr Sata is now our buddy and so is Mr Guebuza.

So where is the fuel gone? Our neighbours are our friends but yet there is no fuel. The supply of fuel is erratic despite all the available forex.The truth is we have been using fuel donated by South Africa and Zambia, now this is all gone and we can’t even afford to import.

Cassim Chilupha

Cassim Chilupha

In Lilongwe the capital, fuel is completely scarce and the long queues of motorist have returned with motorist waiting for hours to have their vehicles refilled. In Blantyre yesterday fuel could only be found at Mbayani service station. PUMA station near Chitawira had a queue streching all the way to kwacha round about.

A spot check in most service station by our reporters revealed the fuel problems are indeed back with vegence, petrol is scares but diseal is available. Most service stations are completely dry and others have only a few litres remaining.

The Mister of energy and mining Dr Cassim Chilupha who is the former vice president was asked to explain the queues and his answer was simply, “the trucks are now at Beira loading” We all thought he had a magic wonder but it looks like he has to do more to make that magic work.

We were told this was due to forex and that our neighbours were blocking our fuel trucks, we are now friends and our colonial masters are pouring in forex yet the queues back.

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  1. The chaos in our country is a reflection of how chaotically we manage our affairs. Malawi could do with courses to the yoing ones on management, time management, money management, managing one self! Tiyambilenso m queque a petulo? koma zilipo! Ngongole zambirimbiri komans life does not improve!

  2. hahaha

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