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Kasungu Manucipal Council Fails its Residents

By Amalawi - Tue Jun 05, 10:56 am

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Kasungu municipal council home to tobacco millionaires and the home to late Hastings kamuzu Banda. This is one of the councils which is blessed with a lot of millionaires due to its huge numbers of tobacco farmers. This is where forex is made and yet it is not able to look after its own people. The council is not able to keep its town clean, heaps of garbage are piling up because authorities do not have a vehicle to collect garbage to a proper dumping site.



The council is failing to removed the refuse from some brick refuse skips constructed in high density locations for a period of about five months and waste is rotting in there.
Bad smell from rotten food leftovers and dead dogs is not only polluting the air but also irking those living by the sides of the man- made refuse hills.

Locals clearly are on the record saying that they last saw a municipal council vehicle collecting garbage in December 2011. They all agree that the idea of constructing refuse skips in residential areas seemed to be a good idea but it has turn out to be a nightmare as the council is not collecting the garbage. This has done more harm than good.
Initially, the council constructed these brick refuse skips in high density areas to act as refuse collection point to promote good health and hygiene.
Today, barefoot children have found a mine in the filled up refuse skips and they unknowingly contract diseases “I can’t imagine this. It’s difficult to tell children not to climb the skip when they see what they feel would make a good playing material,” says a mother of two children living ten meters away from the waste site. Recently, the district health office warned poor refuse management in the council would lead to an outbreak of water born diseases.

Kasungu Municipal council chief Executive officer Toby Solomon has confessed that the piled refuse is a threat to human beings and the environment but asked residents to be patient.
“We are facing a lot of challenges to repair our tractor, but still we are doing everything possible to ensure that we render quality, timely, enviable services.”
The council plans to implement a project to turn the refuse into manure borrowing from Lilongwe city council. But there is no time flame as to when the council will clear the current nuisance.
Dr Hasting Kamuzu Banda would not have let this happen in his own backyard.

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