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By Analytical Rose - Thu May 31, 1:22 pm

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I have always wondered what political parties are all about. My understanding of a political party is that people of similar thinking get together to serve their country for purposes of moving that country forward.

It follows thefore that a difference of opinon is no enemity; it follows that belonging to the opposite party is not enemity. Yet the way we handle these things in our country seems to suggest we think it is adversity if you do not belong to the same party. I feel political parties cause destruction and division. I think in Malawi we should seriously consider a different system.

We should have a system whereby what ever job you get with the government it is through merit. Not because you happen to be a brother or you are the president’s informant NO! if you have the skills and you can do it you get the job. The minute you cease to perform you should be replaced.

I am worried that the president seems to have limitless powers! The president should not be able to just walk into a bank and tell them to give him so much money, there should be mechanisms in place to be accountable, where the money is going and to stop him after a certain limit.

Political parties waste resources, we could use the resources better, all the capable people of the country, all concentrtated in one place working for Malawi ! that is much better than DPP fighting Mafunde, fighting PP, fighting MCP and so for th so on!

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