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By Analytical Rose - Wed May 30, 8:58 am

Malawi main Political parties

Malawi main Political parties

By Analytical Rose


My concept of a political party is a group of people who have principles that they share to bring about development in their country. My understanding of it all is that the aim of a political party is to get the country to function better using their ideas, their policies, their principles etc.

When you look at Malawi the concept of political parties is ruled by something else. People move around parties like they are experimenting, suggesting to me that they have no idea what they stand for, truthfully I find it extremely different to distinguish between the different parties; in other countries it is clear to understand what principles a party functions under , either socialism or capitalism.

Socialism, i.e. taking care of those in society who ‘can’t do it,’ including minorities, etc These concepts are not applied in a purist fashion but you can see where they are coming from.

Capitalism, i.e. work for what you have, earn your living, basically be very selective with social support because every man should be able to earn at least this is what I understand from watching western politics at work.

In Malawi, yes I know we are only learning to live democratically but I have a deep fear that although we are copying, like we do most of the time, the western world; what we really need is a different system all together. We are a people who are used to live in groups, villages, tribes, extended families, such that there is a lot of sharing that goes on amongst us. So the very idea that we have two even more opposing political parties goes against the grain. This concept of inclusive government has the rudiments of what we should base our politics on. We should dispense with political parties. We should think out a very carefully structured system to govern our country. Our president for example has far too much power, this should be mildly restricted, just enough to stop abuse of office.

A president should never be able to just tell a bank to give him so much money! For example! People should take on offices because they have been vetted by an objective committee; they should not be appointed because they have some affiliation to someone because of some private reason best known to themselves; be that because, they are brothers to the boss, whether they stood by them in times of trouble, NO! the country will only develop if people who know what they are doing, people who genuinely are about what they are doing, people who can prove themselves get appointed.

Malawi has some talent which is wasted. In Diaspora I have met some very successful Malawians, those that have thrived in different systems such that if this was back In Malawi they would have added value to the development of the country. This way nepotism, corruption and all these lies will disappear. Why? Because it will become the Malawian way to appoint people because they are good enough for the job!

This is a tall order I know but this is an idea Malawians should be debating. My sincere belief is that Malawians need not be poor. They have the resources to live a much better life, we just need to work smarter!

Because we have always worked in groups, we think a political opponent is an enemy, when in fact they are just someone with a different way of looking at things politically and there is no need to hate them. You can disagree to disagree with a political opponent but when needs be you work together. Look at Clinton and Obama.

To set up lies via shallow journalists who play psychological war fare on the opponent parties is destructive to the nation because all this time and energy can be spent more positively, all the ideas that everybody has are useful for the country.

Multiple political parties are detrimental to Malawi they need to go or at least let’s reduce the total number, they are just dividing us! We need to put our energy together to combat our problems, there is no room for combating ourselves!

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  1. Welll!! Well!! Mukuwona gati anthu pa Malawi angabvomere izi…Akudya momwemo
    The best that JB and her govt can do is to allow dual citizenship….We can then contribute… I Will not leave my sunny Australia to help Malawi when I fully know that the next govt will kick us all out
    JB allows to have dual citizenship

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