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WELCOME TO www.amalawi.info

By Amalawi - Sun May 27, 9:01 am

Thank you and welcome to www.amalawi.info the online media house for current affairs with a focus on Malawi but not excluding international news.

A lot has changed over the past 48 years in Malawi, but we the people of Malawi remain the same. Since independence in 1964 a lot of promises have been, the great promise was that made by our great leader Hastings Kamuzu Banda. He promised to eradicate literacy (Umbul)i, Poverty (Uphawi) and diseases (Matenda). After 48 years of independence his promises are yet to be fully fulfilled.

We are pleased to launch our new website that will provide ethical, decent, improved and accurate news to the world. We live in a global world and here at amalawi we believe information and especially real time information is key.We will publish what is in your best interest.

We are encouraging all amateur and seasoned bloggers to join our community of bloggers, authors contributors and editors. Use your time to educate and inform the world about Malawi.There are many features on our site that we hope you will enjoy exploring, including opening an account and becoming an author in your own right.

News about Malawi will be made available 24/7, our aim is simple, contribute to the development of Malawi through awareness.

Once again welcome to www.amalawi.info, we look forward to your visit.

Thank you and kind regards.

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  1. Well done you!!! talemabini tidziwelenga nawo ife.

    Kodi manyuzi etii

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