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E-Learning packadge for Malawi, it’s About time

By Amalawi - Fri May 25, 1:41 pm

writer: Amalawi
Software developers in Malawi should launch e-learning packages targeted at the different sectors. Malawi is the only country without an e- learning package. The package should contain past examination papers from the 1970’s, e-text books, learning aids, career guidance, lists of schools and companies who take apprentincies.

We should make learning a great experience; it should be easier and fun. Children should have fun learning even outside the normal school environment.
We should localise education software by putting together education material which includes local languages so that our children are conversant in them.

The e- learning packages should prepare school leavers and graduates for the marketplace, there should be a mixture theory and practical tests.

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  1. Ma software developer pa malawi zoona.. Alipodi? Bodza basi

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