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Declare Your Assets or Leave Public Service

By Amalawi - Fri May 25, 1:45 pm

We the people of Malawi do not understand why the previous governments and the current one have always stalled on the declaration of assets bill. The bill has been stalled for far too long, we hereby ask parliament under the leadership of Madame Banda to pass the bill. Madame Banda you should tell all officials in your cabinet to declare and publish their assets.

Your position will be made stronger if this bill can be debated and passed. Your role model in Liberia did this and she won the second term in office. If you really want to cut corruption tough measures should start from the top. In most cases top bottom approach is better than bottom up.

We humbly ask parliament to implement this bill as a matter of urgency. We the people of Malawi find it incomprehensible as to why the leadership of the House refuses to debate the bill. Persistent allegations of legislative corruption has been the order of all previous governments you can make a difference by implementing the bill.

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  1. Great idea let them declare now before they collect backhanders and steal our hard earned tax money…

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