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By Analytical Rose - Fri May 25, 11:04 am

A country trying to develop

A country trying to develop

Writer: Analytical Rose

We all have witnessed with a mixture of emotion the enormous confusion that has worked its way in our beloved country. I write this article to communicate issues which for me have become more salient as I watched events go.

I will first of all look at the late President the late DR Bingu Wa Mutharika. Like all Presidents, because they are people they make their mistakes and they also score their success and Bingu was no exception. He is the man who in the first term showed promise; pot holes disappeared from Malawian roads, food was in excess! When was food last in excess in Malawi ever? A dual carriage way was built, and progressive ideas like post to help Malawi’s business progress just to mention a few. I had no doubt in my mind that at least some part of this man wanted to develop our country.
But we also know the blunders that the late president made. For me his lack of diplomacy was the most destructive defect he could ever have. He belittled Malawians in his speeches towards the end, calling Malawians chickens, laughing at business pole in Malawi, saying they are very naïve etc…..to be honest by the time the end was near what I saw was a paranoid person who was frustrated because he could not be heard.

In my mind I have no doubt that he did mean well at least to begin with, but he destroyed absolutely everything by having zero communication skills or had he stopped caring to communicate correctly? Or were his frustrations so high that he lost the plot?
All I can say is that DPP has a lot of reviewing to do. This reviewing has to be very honest, has to be transparent. My advice to DPP is not picking a leader because he happens to be the presidents’ brother but because the people at the convention have voted for that person to be their leader.

The confusion that followed the president’s death is well known to al of us. In some ways the incumbent government was aware that this needed sorting out. I have seen the constitution and I have read it. It says on the demise of the president takes over. That bit is clear even to me. What it does not say is what happens if the VP has since left her party and formed another party and she heads that party? What happens if the VP has not been to her office to perform her duties for months?
Can you see the confusion? When DPP was elected, the people of Malawi were saying “we want DPP with its mandate and its policies to head the affairs of our country for next 4 years” this is what the election results meant.
Lets now extrapolate this to our present set up.When the president, who rightly as a VP took over, I was confused as to whose mandate she would run on, this has been sorted in my mind no and that the mandate should be DPPs. So quite rightly she has followed DPPs policies and sensibly has decided to get rid of bad laws I am happy with all that. In the meantime though, he remains PP’ leader President of Malawi, are we therefore asking PP to run with DPP policies for now?

She has got round this by dismantling the DPP cabinet. A reshuffle is perfectly legitimate. Some of the appointments are a surprise, but the gist is she has mixed up those parties, supposed to be a government of unity. I have to say this would be the ideal. But I then get confused when I read that Atupele is still going to run for office comes 2014, JZU he is not going to cease to be leader of the opposition and yet he says he won’t criticise the government because this is a communicative government. He feels if I understand him that the opposition should now be advisers for the government. Gosh what happened to the constitution? I thought the opposition is supposed to be the second largest party!

It seems to me our constitution is lowly becoming ineffective ever since Bingu defected from UDF and formed his own party. It is my very strong feeling that one of the most important issues for this present government to urgently sort out is the constitution. It is NOT clear. Unconstitutional behaviour by previous and present law makers has rendered it a weak piece of paper and it needs to be restored as The Constitution of Malawi.

Malawi will certainly not be the same ever again, but we as a people have a lot to learn if our country is to improve.

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  1. I fully agree!.. The problem is that both Bingu and Madame JB think Malawi is theirs. Its not…We are not stupid malawians we can see what is happenig.. Bingu was great but hey he messed up big time.. JB has started very well lets just wait and seeeeee


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