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  1. I want chingale sec school results William chindipha
  2. rechtsanwalt augsburg zivilrecht US Ambassador to Malawi supports collaboration on Shire River conservation - amalawi rechtsanwalt augsburg zivilrecht
  3. kalichiko I fundamentally I dont understyand your comment but it seems you found my article long to that I say I neede to express myself that way to make the point.The second part of your coment is incoprehansible but you are hinting on this being funny and I would like to tell you that I am dead;ly serious! we are in troubl in Mlawi and it pays no divided blaming everybody else instead of looking at yourself and working out how you can contribute to solving the problem..As a Malwian I am not going to let Malawi fail1 I dont want my country to fail! but I know you cant develop a country by squabbling every day! Analytical Rose
  4. If wrote the somethıng pleasse try to make ıt  shot but understandable Maınly thats enough thınk about somethıng guy always storıes ın your mouth  Its funny for you not for pıpo ın the Rular Areas. your Clezy  kalikicho sakana
  5. Thank you for informing the public and apologising. This is truly malawi moving an inch in the right direction Analytical Rose


LAGOS, Nigeria, 30 June 2016 -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Africa Finance Corporation (‘AFC’) is acting as lead arranger for an up to US$...


EU aid for African Great Lakes region too expensive

EU aid for African Great Lakes region too expensive

04.07.2016 | Comments are closed

EU humanitarian aid to refugees from conflicts in the African Great Lakes area is responding to the challenges faced but may be costing too much to de...


Tackling the Albino Crisis in Malawi

Tackling the Albino Crisis in Malawi

24.06.2016 | Comments are closed

Hello fellow Malawians. The albino crisis is a real problem in Malawi. I have felt compelled to comment on it because aspects of it make me feel very ...


Malawi Scotland Partnership

Malawi Scotland Partnership

28.02.2016 | Comments are closed

Malawi: Last October I visited Scotland for the second time, the first since being elected chair of the Malawi Scotland Partnership, the Malawian netw...